A Note of Thanks

At the start of the 2016, I had great intentions of keeping a year-long Blog. I will attempt to do the same in 2017, but what happened?  Well, it became an incredibly busy year! I would like to take the time to thank all of our clients in 2016 for helping to make this another successful year.

Many changes continue to characterize the video production business.  While we continue to do work for corporate clients direct, to help them with their internal and external communication messaging, our strength continues to be telling short stories that celebrate people, ideas and successes. We also continue to work with not-for-profits (schools, church groups) and various causes (Hands of Peace, Northfield Pantry and others).   This year was filled with several interesting technically challenging projects. We did a couple of Virtual Reality experimental videos…always a fascinating new mode.  We did a 360 degree rear projection screen project for a client that offered some rather interesting problems to solve.  Yes, without the right screen material, you can see through the screen to the other side!  We did our first White Board animation for a client that proved to be a very successful message delivery method.  No drone videos! Amazing. Came close however, but in the end, turned out the client's facility was too close to an airport!  And of course, we did our usual work of just telling stories.

For 2017, we are going to be seeking out new delivery and distribution outlets.  Amazingly, when we first got into the field, bigger was better…the penultimate project was to create an Imax video. Who would ever imagine that the lion share of media today is presented on a cellphone!  We expect that trend will continue, with all of the ensuing challenges.  

So, whatever your project, whatever your scale, whatever your message, we will be here to help design, shoot and complete your project.