Ring in the New Year!

January 2018

Ushering in a new year always comes with the promise of new relationship and new opportunities.  2017 was a fabulous year for us…lots of U.S. travel.  We chose to go to many of our locations by car to avoid the rigors of air travel.  Of course, you can’t always take the slow road, but it sure helps if you want to see the country and enjoy the people along the way.  We have been working mostly in the Midwest, but we did one long driving trip to New Jersey.  It allowed us to visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Waters,” the home he built for the Kaufman’s. What a spectacular place.  It is hard not to feel elevated to a different level.  You are protected from nature but part of it.  Really a special place that I am glad is now a sanctuary for many to enjoy.

2017 was a year of major renewal for us here.  Had to upgrade much of our production and editing equipment. The pace of technological change imposes some very strict measures on keeping up with the times.  One could spend every waking second learning new software or breaking in yet another camera, which is exactly how a good part of 2017 was spent!  We continue to be a Premiere Pro shop.  We now have two complete edit suites and have added to our camera collection with the Sony FS7 and some additional lenses.  I still have the same old car, however!  The Toyota Sienna only has 164,000 miles.  I heard of another Sienna that had 500,000 miles on it, so I might get have a few more years out of it yet, unless the rust destroys it.

This winter has been brutal.  I had to do some outdoor camerawork in the middle of December when the thermometer read -4, but the wind chill was much lower. The camera battery died before the operator quit, but the price I paid for chilled hands taught a real lesson in how to really prepare for that kind of shooting environment (and can you really prepare? At some point, you just grit your teeth and bite down). 

Expect to see more of the same extremes in 2018 and I look forward to continuing to create great stories for our clients.