Summer Reflections

Summer went by too fast!

Sure, I’ll do a blog…if I can keep up!  Well, that pledge to self didn’t last long. The summer of 2018 flew by…several projects took us on the road, literally. After having spent most of my career in airplanes and airports, I am enjoying driving to as many locations as I can.  This year, we did widen the circle a bit with travel to Minneapolis, Nashville and Denver.  Still, my favorite project has been a small video to capture the moods at a local nature preserve.  This was in part to learn more about my camera and to force myself to shoot more outside.   So, for the past year, I have been following the seasons and really enjoying being part of the space.   I realized I did a reasonable job with Autumn and Winter, but I had no shots of rain.  A huge oversight. I do not have fancy rain gear for me or the camera, so I dashed out during a recent storm with a couple of trash bags.  Actually, trash bags work pretty darn well for this drill.  It is far more exhausting to carry the gear through the woods in the rain, but you have the added pleasure of knowing you are pretty much alone.  Only the animals and a few silly cameraman venture into the woods during a storm.  So, I edited a few shots into the video and am calling it done for now, but I have developed a passion now for shooting at this preserve.  The more you are there, the mroe you see. I have started to collect stock video of various activities.  This has allowed me to become much more familiar with the Sony FS7 and kept me from doing to many house chores.  Don’t tell my wife!

By making a routine of walking and shooting video in the woods, the animals seems to feel more comfortable.  It is as if they know why you are there and that I will not harm them.  One day, I stumbled upon a large non-poisonous snake that was sunning itself.  I think we both were stunned!  The snake froze its pose, staring at me and I froze staring back at it.  When I took my eyes of the snake, to turn on the camera, the snake bolted.  I never got the shot.  Some things are not meant to be recorded.  Just enjoy the world around us. Explore. 

August 2018