Your Personal Story

One of our specialties is making short biographies to commemorate life events - birthdays, retirements, transitions, celebrations, weddings - whatever.  We don't typically record weddings, but some of our work has been shown at wedding events. This part of our business began when we were asked by an educational publisher to make a 3 minute portrait on teachers who were nominated for a National Teaching Award. This idea evolved over time with other clients and with different agendas.  For instance, we created nearly 120 short story videos for a financial services company, to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of their top performers.  What we have done for companies, we now do for you!  Call us and we can talk more.

On a Personal Note.

All of the title page images on this web site are from locations where we have worked.  The pictures are from the Grand Canyon, Colorado, Alaska, Australia, Kenya, even Florida.  Our work has taken us to 85 countries and all of the States in the U.S.